NIIDA Order Made In IMABARI Towels

Original Towel Production made in IMABARI You can order Imabari towel only form 10 pieces


What would you like to present/ Brilliant Expression, Production Methods

FULL COLOR Full Color Printing 10 piece M Short lead time


SILK PRINT Silk Printing (material/color) 100 piece MOQ low cost short lead time


FLAT Flat Weave (Proprietary Method) 50 piece MOQ medium lead time


JACQUARD Jacquard weave 1000 piece MOQ


EMBROIDERY / TAG Embroidery / Custom Woven Label 1000 piece MOQ


SPECIAL ORDER Custom Order We are able to accept more detailed customization

Edge Processing

We are different than the standard industry method of “rolled edge” border finishing on the mini towels. We use “picot stitch” for a lace-like edge finishing or “magic liner” finishing that creats a ruffled edge. This gives the product an overall cute and refined feel.

Half Cotton Linen

We are able to customize the towel so the one-half side of the towel can be made from half cotton linen. Combining the skin-friendlyness of the cotton linen and the absorbency of the towel fabric - you get to have the best of both towels within one. The pattern display on the Cotton Linen side will have a softing effect

Non-twisted yarn

Like the name - non-twisted yarn are yarn threads that hasn’t been through the twisting processing. Using the different properties of the non-twisted yarn and normal yarn thread - the different lengths being displayed on the towel will give the design pattern a 3-dimentional feel


Top quality NIIDA towels - For each production of these towels, we have to submit approval for licensing & certification in order use “MADE IN IMBARl" on the products. Once the certification is received, we are then allowed to sew the official brand name logo onto the towels. Even though obtaining the authentication certificate requires additional time, this will give your products additional value.