NIIDA Order Made In IMABARI Towels

Original Towel Production made in IMABARI You can order Imabari towel only form 10 pieces


Our goal is to produce top quality towels


With only 10 piece minimum order - you can have your own customized top quality MADE IN IMBARI towels. There are more than 100 towel factories around the Imbari area, but NIIDA stand apart from the rest of them. We are the first to import the newest machinery for fabrication, in result this provided our clients more flexibility and added options in manufacturing method. We welcome customization request because we want to help bring client’s creation & ideas to life. As clients receive the final products and feels the soft towel wrapped around them, they can also appreciate the infinite possibility & potential a towel has. Please tell us how we can help bring realize your creations. Please allow NIIDA to bring towels as into your world.

High Quality, Small-lot Production, And Short Period Of Time. Niida Factory System

NIIDA’s Strength


The main problems faced during towel customization production are “MOQ”, “Costs” and “Lead Time”. Usually during the production of standard size towel, it is difficult to provide high quality products with a low order quantity and a short lead time. But here at NIIDA, we have our own priperitory production method & fabrication system, so we are able to lower the MOQ to only a 10-piece minimum and short lead time. Becuase of this advantage - we were able to collaborated with numerous theme parks, professional sport teams, and many other name brands to produce their merchandise orders.

Production system


During the production process for customize towels, the weaving machine and the printing machine are the most important components that's essential in bringing clients' custom design to life on the fabric. To increase the exactness, during the pre-production processing, there are several stages we go through meticulously to prep the fabrics - steam treatment, washing, etc.... We upgraded all of our machines for the pre-production process. We also collaborates with our neighboring companies as our partners, with division of labors. This allows us to provide flexible and efficient production methods to accept any customize orders requested by the clients

We Have The Solution And Technology.

We were able to procure the finest quality yarn from a a top quality & precious textile company in Japan. The quality of the basic materials is a huge factor on the final product.

The city of Imbari is most well known in Japan as the top producer for towels. We had imported the highest quality washing machines with the fastest cycle time. The machine ensure the pre-production stage is completed in a timely matter without scarifies to the quality.

We installed new high speed printing machine that can precisly print at 1000 square meter per hour. The quality of the printing is exceptional - even a photograph can be beautifully presented.

The surrounding cooperating companies are like family to us. Because each of us specializes in different areas - we feel that this only help strengthens the community to work as partners and it raises the prevision of the finishing process.